Essentials of UK Politics - 3rd Edition (August 2015)

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan


This book has been written primarily to meet the needs of students who are studying AS level government and politics. It is a lively, accessible and comprehensive introduction to the subject and gives full coverage of the Pearson and AQA specifications and the core requirements of other boards.

This third edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect on the impact and significance of coalition politics during the 2010-15 period. It also examines the outcome of the 2015 general election and its key repercussions

'Andrew Heywood's style is always clear, and the analysis crisp and decisive.' The Times Educational Supplement

'If you are looking for a single textbook to meet all your students' needs, this is the one!' Linda Jeffries, Old Palace School, Croydon

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  • Democracy and participation
  • Elections and voting
  • Political parties
  • Pressure groups
  • The constitution
  • Parliament
  • Prime minister, cabinet and the executive
  • Judges and civil liberties
  • The European Union and multi-level governance